How to use Coco peat the right way for Plants?

Two of the most essential characteristics of a good soil mix is its ability to hold moisture for long and provide good drainage for plant growth. Coco peat is one such soil supplement that can do both at the same time.

Coco peat is without a doubt one of the greatest soil substitutes and growth media for your garden or potting soil. The exceptional water retention, absorption, aeration, and retention of this natural coco peat thrill gardeners. This product also has a low breakdown rate and protects the plant against illness. This means you can use this product again and again. This product also offers one of the best water retention qualities available.

How to use Coco peat?
Coco peat is compressed and is widely exported in a dry brick form. When saturated, this great growing medium expands, providing improved aeration for plants.

The basic principle of using a dry coir brick is to water and wet the coir brick.

  1. Place a brick in a large bucket and pour enough water into it to completely wet the brick.
  2. Allow the coco peat to soak in the water for a few minutes so it can loosen up and absorb the water.
  3. If it appears to be dry, add more water. If it’s loose, it comes to a halt.
  4. Once the brick stops absorbing water, you can scrape off the amount of coco peat required.

If you want to add cocopeat to a plant that is already growing, loosen the top soil about an inch or two and mix in two handfuls of loose cocopeat. When you mix coco peat in soil, it helps to improve the moisture-holding capabilities of the soil, which means that you don’t have to water frequently. This way, you can use coco peat for all kinds of outdoor and indoor plants. This way, especially in the summers, you will not have to worry about watering your plants often.

Coco peat provides the ideal conditions for your plants to grow since it has antifungal properties and is also resistant to soil diseases. It creates air pockets in the soil and provides good drainage, which is essential for healthy root development of your plants. If you’re using cocopeat for starting seeds to germinate, once they have germinated, you can transplant them to a regular plant or a bigger planter.

Why use Coco peat?
Coco peat, also known as coir, is an organic supplement for soil. It is made up of fibre from the coconut outer shell. It is essentially compressed coir dust. Since the 1980’s it has been extensively used in horticulture. The main reason that it became popular was for its antifungal properties and water-holding abilities. It has proven to be an excellent growing medium for plants when appropriately used in soil. It aids in healthy plant growth and decomposes very slowly.

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