From Coconut to growing medium

Coconuts are the fruits of the exotic tree Cocos nucifera. We use the husks to manufacture coco peat products for professional horticulture. Our state of the art manufacturing plant production facility is equipped with all of the required machinery and skilled labour to produce the highest-quality items. Our specially designed machines process the selected raw materials. To ensure constant quality throughout the year, we have made significant investments in manufacturing.

Atlantis Coco controls the entire chain. We put the coco peat in large bunkers to age for great stability. We know exactly what the growers need. Thereafter, the cocopeat is spread out and sun dried in a sustainable way without using energy.

Our next step is to compress the coco peat into compressed blocks or compressed grow bags. This way, we reduce our transport and energy costs and have a better footprint. The 5 kilogram blocks can be floor loaded into a container or we can put them on pallets for distribution to growers.

Atlantis products are shipped to almost any country in the world. Our excellent logistic department takes care of delivery and the agreed time frame, of course. With our network of coconut sourcing agents distributed across the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Atlantis ensures that each order is completed quickly. Each agent is in charge of their own region. We follow stringent quality control processes for procuring raw materials.

Atlantis has earned a reputation for providing high-quality products on schedule. Without the investment in a comprehensive quality control laboratory and competent personnel, this would not have been achievable. Each batch of raw material is thoroughly examined and tested to guarantee that it meets our requirements. We’ve created a network of suppliers who meet our quality control standards throughout time. Thanks to our tracking and traceability, we can discover the source of an issue as soon as it arises.

Some producers and growers use our coco peat in pure form or as an additive. The high air percentage stays for better growth. Growers of vegetables, flowers, and soft fruits are happy using our grow bags.

Atlantis coco produces the quality you deserve. Atlantis Cocopeat is firmly devoted to a social and environmental style of production, which makes a substantial difference in the quality goods for sustainable produce that are successful and reliable.

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