Growing demand of cocopeat in Australia

The horticultural sector in Australia has been on an upward trend since the last two decades. This is evident from the rise in investments in this sector and the overall positive industry sentiment. Covid-19 pandemic created recession in many sectors but was a blessing in disguise for this sector. There was a huge surge in demand which was beneficial for the growers but came with its own challenges. Sourcing of growing media and other components became challenging and is still the same.

Although sourcing containers is becoming less of a challenge the overall price increase has affected coir consumers in Australia and beyond. This leads to quality issues as some companies resort to price reduction by compromising on quality.

Atlantis is proud of helping potting mix companies and nurseries across the world through these challenging times. We are proud to be associated with reputed companies that value top quality coir and understand the long term benefit of working with companies that take extra care in maintaining their quality standards.

Atlantis specialises in all types of coco peat substrates. Atlantis has the best quality product that meets all of your requirements. Atlantis is an export-oriented industry. Our company is located in the Tamil Nadu region. We export 100% of our products to Iran, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, and Turkey. For more information, please click on our website, or contact us via email

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