Troughs VS Grow Bags?

Most of the producers have switched to substrate systems in recent years.  Many producers have been driven along this path due to a lack of pest- and disease-free land and the disappearance of trustworthy soil disinfectant. Growing on substrates rather than in soil has become more popular among producers as a result of planning challenges and picking expenses.

For gardeners who want to switch to substrate for the first time, the risks have been decreased thanks to advancements in coir substrate quality and information around its application. Since peat bags were more prevalent ten years ago, coir is now the substrate of choice among growers. Coir has been successful nowadays thanks to factors including plant health, yields, and possibilities for reuse.

As the particles are produced to a physical specification, coir may be a far more consistent product than peat, allowing us to create a growth medium with the right mix of grades and fibres to achieve the optimal air-filled porosity for the targeted crop. There are currently no defined recommendations on the needs for soft fruit crops, and the chemical and physical features of any substrate are essential to its success.

With slab after slab of manufacturing, Atlantis is able to constantly meet these physical goals. Additionally, Atlantis coir has created a buffering method to guarantee that the chemical levels are equally constant. This is crucial for making strawberry coir since it needs to be completely cleaned and buffered. During the production process, undesirable salts are removed with care and thoroughness while ensuring that the material’s initial calcium levels are adequate. 

Growing numbers of gardeners are realising the advantages of raising plants in air-pruning, well-drained containers, and grow bags are becoming more popular than troughs. In places with low soil, they can also be used in place of garden beds.They are adaptable, reasonably priced, and durable over time. 

Troughs vs. Grow Bags 

Growing plants in troughs or grow bags may be challenging, especially when it comes to watering. When you water your plants, the dirt is swept away along with the extra water if the planters have too many drainage holes, creating a mess. The priceless nutrients that your plants require to flourish disappear along with the soil when it drains. 

Plant development could also be hampered by exposure to standing water. Plant roots are very sensitive to excess moisture, so standing water might lead to rot. Additionally, excessive precipitation may result in the soil warming up rapidly.

With grow bags  you won’t experience the same issues.

Grow bags let extra moisture enter through without washing the soil away. This characteristic prevents rot in the plants’ fragile root systems while also reducing soil erosion that can impair plant development. The tiny pores in grow bags also encourage optimum airflow.

The Top Benefits of Atlantis Grow Bags:

  • Encourages air pruning of roots rather than root circling, which results in a healthier root system. 
  • Temperature Control: Allows excess heat to escape, warming the soil more quickly in the spring. 
  • Simple to Store: It can be folded up and stored in a small place when not in use. 
  • It is easily transplanted or relocated after being planted in the ground. 

How can I purchase Grow bags?

Grow bags are commonly accessible both online and offline at places that offer gardening products. We at Atlantis provide both open top grow bags and closed top grow bags, both of which are of the highest quality. Grow bags from us (specification). These grow bags are very simple to set up and move around! 

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