What is Coco Peat – Its benefits. Learn how to use Coco Peat.

Everything you need to know about Cocopeat - The Ultimate Guide

What is Coco Peat?

Coco peat is a natural fiber made out of coconut husk. The extraction of coconut fiber from husks gives us this by-product named coco peat, which is a 100% natural growing medium. Coco peat, the widely-used hydroponic growing medium, is predominantly consumed by nurseries, greenhouses, potting mix manufacturers, and so on.

Why choose Coco Peat over alternative growing mediums?

Coconut coir is a by-product of the coir fibre extraction process and is an excellent substrate for seed germination, rooting, soilless farming, and many other applications. 

Nurseries of pot plants produce healthier plants by using potting mixes containing coconut coir. Its excellent water holding capacity and air-filled porosity make it a suitable growth medium for plant crops. Another reason why people prefer coconut coir to alternative growing mediums is because coco peat is compacted when shipped and can swell up to ten times its original weight and size.

In seedling nurseries, using cocopeat helps grow seedlings with more fibrous and stronger roots. Coir creates an optimal condition for seed germination in nurseries because they can retain moisture and create an optimal seed germination environment. A combination of high air-filled porosity and high water holding capacity results in a very high seed-raising germination rate.

Since Coco coir is light, it’s perfect for growing vegetables, flowers, plug and cell production, tube stock, and tissue culture. 

Benefits of Coco Peat:

  • A growing medium that is both environmentally safe and long-lasting
  • Moisture retention is excellent.
  • Improves soil aeration and soil buffering capability 
  • It has neutral soil pH.
  • Nutrients that are water-soluble can be buffered.
  • It can be reused for up to 5 years.

How to Use Coco Peat?

Coco Peat is compressed and is widely exported in a dry brick form. When saturated, this great growing media expands, providing improved aeration for plants. 

The basic principle of using a dry coir brick is to water and wet the coir brick.

  1. Place a brick in a large bucket and pour enough water into it to completely wet the brick. 
  1. Allow the coco peat to soak in the water for a few minutes so it can loosen up and absorb the water.
  1. If it appears to be dry, add more water. If it’s loose, come to a halt.
  2. Once the brick stops absorbing water, you can scrape off the amount of cocopeat required. 

Why Atlantis? 

Atlantis is a leading manufacturer and supplier of 100% organic and eco-friendly Cocopeat across the world.

We are honoured to supply coir products to a number of prominent nurseries across the world. Our products are made in a way that is both environmentally friendly and totally recyclable. We supply nurseries of all sizes, both wholesale and retail, with guaranteed EC and expansion. We have in-house experts who can help you with your plant needs and come up with unique product combinations for your nursery.

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