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Bringing to the world the most eco friendly growing media.

Atlantis Coco is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Coir products to the world. We provide customised solutions to everyone no matter how small or big the order. With our expertise in sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and shipping, we bring to you the quality that will bring us repeat orders. We believe consistency in quality is most important and with our in house Tracking and Tracing system, we can trace your coir to ensure consistent quality is delivered every time.


To become the most trusted brand amongst Coir producers across the world by helping our customers get the best possible quality coir suited to their needs.

Our quality

Our quality commitment is ensured thanks to our


We provide individual consultation to every customer so that we can together develop a mix and product suited to their region. We can provide these consultation thanks to our

Connect with our team


Ali Abbasi

Ali is a true visionary and the driving force behind the company’s success. He is an analytical thinker by nature and develops the strategy behind the countries that we target. He along with his younger brother Mohammad enjoy a long history of partnerships and successes. 

Ali currently caters predominantly to the middle eastern market and plans the future target countries through his diverse contacts across the world. 


Mohd. Abbasi

Mohammad has spent over 15 years developing and growing multiple ventures in the agri-food sector and the last 10 years in the coir industry. With multiple offices and staff in four countries, he is a self-made man and a true visionary. His ingenuity and determination sets his companies on its innovative course. He is known for his true leadership skills and motivates his talented team to perform

He started this venture along with his brother with the vision to help deliver the most environmentally friendly and sustainable source of growing medium to the world. 

His determination of leaving nothing but the best for his clients is what motivates his team through the day

Quality Control

Abid Rizvi

Abid has a unique blend of experience in running sophisticated testing equipment for the modern coir factory. He regularly indulges himself in continuous improvement activities to increase the effectiveness of the factory and maintain our superior quality commitments. He has come up with a new online traceability technique that we are now deploying on our website for the convenience of our clients. His emphasis on robust quality control and acceptance sampling techniques has earned the company the reputation of quality supplier that it has today.

Sales and Marketing

Mojtaba Abbasi

Mojtaba is a recent graduate from The University of Melbourne. Having both technical and management degrees under his belt he is driven by fresh ideas and an innovative mindset driving the next generation vision of the company. 

He handles the company’s sales and marketing from Melbourne having set up a branch in Australia to cater to the ever growing demand of Aussie clientele. Call him a “petrol head” when he is not wearing his work hat!

Exports Manager

Asgar Selia

Asghar is the most senior member of our team and has experience working in different countries whether it is in Europe or the Gulf. He has an eye for detail and makes sure all your containers are shipped without a hassle. With his great problem solving skills and perfectionist mindset, he is one of the most valued elements of the company.

Account Manager

Samar Mirza

Samar manages and retains the client base that is spread across the globe. He is the link between the clients and the production team which requires him to oversee the production chart and ensure timely delivery and proper traceability of the goods. 

His spectacular communication skills and understanding of the target audience makes him the best person for the task. 

When not busy, he can be found following his favorite club-Liverpool which is quite evident from the tattoo he has etched for them.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in Low EC Coir products. Our EC checking method is 1:1.5 v/v. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure desired parameters are met. We understand the importance of EC measures for your growing needs and ensure the raw materials have been washed and are in the desired range of EC before production. 

We ensure the raw materials have the least possible contamination with sand. Through our sieving and raw material quality control, we ensure the sand content does not increase to above 2% to ensure the maximum possible expansion. Our peat particles are always large to ensure maximum water retention per particle and hence higher expansion

We cater to hundreds of customers across the year. This has forced us to develop in house logistics and warehousing solutions from the raw material stage until the port. With the help of our exports team we prepare each cargo based on the destination country requirements to ensure smooth sailing of products on time.

Customers form the forefront of our company focus. Your end product has to be guaranteed through our growing media. We thus invest heavily in understanding your requirements and maintain clear communications throughout the customer journey.